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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Picture opportunities (missed):

Back to pictures you can get on your doorstep (if you get round to it). I have been meaning to get some portraits of Ashford's M.P. Damien Green for ages. It wouldn't have been hard as he has a web site telling everyone what he's doing. To be honest I never got round to it since I knew it would be easy to get him any time. Then, of course, he gets arrested this week and his photo is in every paper and every TV news bulletin. I'm kicking myself for this lost sales opportunity! David


David said...

How can you get the itinerary of local MPs these days to find out where they will be on a given day for photo opportunities?

I have looked on a few websites and it doesn't say so-and-so will be here or there next thursday etc

Perhaps just email for a list of future appointments?

David Fowler (newsfocus1) said...

Goodness David! You buried that question very deep! Only by chance was I glancing back through old posts and saw a new comment. I don't get any alert when a new comment is posted (maybe that's a feature I have missed?). But to answer, I think that, yes, you just need to get in touch with them and convince them you are genuine and ask to be notified of future events. If you want some portrait shots of local MP's just try emailing/writing to them and asking for 10 minutes of their time. It always used to work anyway. Regards, David.

David said...

tehe that's ok.. wasn't urgent and i figured i had buried that one away where you wouldn't find it. No worries. :)

I don't get any alerts when new comments are posted either so you are not alone.

Yes thanks for that. Thought it would be the best option just to ask them and assure them i wasn't a stalker or terrorist. (Or worse, a stalking terrorist?!)

Cheers, Davey

David Fowler (newsfocus1) said...

Actually, I now see there is a tick box below to get follow up comments emailed to me. We had Gordon Brown here in Hastings, but I didn't know until he'd gone! Didn't help because our Labour MP lost. There's a postscript to the Damian Green post. At my day job we give money to local charities and held a reception for them. Then in walks Damian Green. Nobody tipped me off and I didn't have a camera with me. Amused? not very! Regards, David.